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Family [16926]
C.J.J. Meyer
Family [16927]

  1. Cornelis Leendertsz van der Cleij, died
Family [16928] P2

  • to:
    vrouwe van Zuytwijck N.N.
  1. Machteld N.N.
Family [16929] S S2 S3 S4 P2 Geni Geneanet
  1. N.N. Waterreus, birth 2 MAR 1883 Scheveningen, died
Family [16930]

  1. [possibly] Ermengardis van (Irmgard) Autun van BourgondiŽ, died
Family [16931]

  1. [possibly] Otto van (Eudes) AquitaniŽ, birth 652 Rheims, Marne, Loire-Alantique, France, died 735
Family [16932]

  1. Celye van (Gillis | Gillisje) Herlaer, died 1505
Family [16933]

  1. [possibly] Clementia van BourgondiŽ, birth ABT 1065, died ABT 1133, buried 1133
Family [16934]

  1. [possibly] Kunigunde van (Hemma) ÷hningen, birth ABT 990 Ohningen, Konstanz, Baden, died, buried 6 FEB 1020 Diessen
Family [16935]

  1. Jannetje Pietersdr van den Bosch, baptized 22 APR 1755 Schipluiden, died
Family [16936]

  • to:
    Teuntje Verkade, died
  1. Teuntje Verkade, birth 11 JUL 1843 Vlaardingen, died 15 FEB 1920 Rotterdam
Family [16937] P2

  • to:
    Anita Waterreus
Family [16938]

  • to:
    Carla Waterreus
Family [16939] S S2 S4 P2

Family [16940]

  • to:
    Elly Waterreus
Family [16941] Geni Geneanet

  1. [possibly] Renee M. (Mireile) Koldewijn
Family [16942] S S2 S3 S4 P2

Family [16943]

  • to:
    Maaike Waterreus
Family [16944] S S2 S3 S4 P2
Family [16945] S S2 S4 P2

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