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1137 Dirk de Roode was born on 15-02-1805 in Scheveningen, son of Theodorus (Dirk) de Roode and Lena Klare Pronk (see 1136). He was baptised on 17-02-1805 in Scheveningen. Dirk died on 20-07-1871 in Scheveningen, aged 66.
Witness to:
06-05-1857marriage Arnoldus Marcus | Arnoldus Martinus | Arnoldus Marinus Waterreus (born 1830) and Klazina Cornelia | Clasina Cornelia Zoutenbier (1829-1918) [see 1016]
At the age of 22, Dirk married Klazina Claasse van der Toorn, aged 21, on 23-01-1828 in Den Haag. Klazina is a daughter of Claas Claasse van der Toorn and Jannetje Cornelisse van der Toorn. She was baptised on 07-09-1806 in Scheveningen. Klazina died on 02-05-1891 in Scheveningen, aged 84.
Child of Dirk and Klazina:
1 Pieter de Roode, born on 12-06-1848 in Scheveningen. Follow 1138.
1138 Pieter de Roode was born on 12-06-1848 in Scheveningen, son of Dirk de Roode (see 1137) and Klazina Claasse van der Toorn. Pieter died on 03-11-1911 in Scheveningen, aged 63. At the age of 19, Pieter married Jacoba Tuit, aged 25, on 06-05-1868 in Scheveningen. Jacoba was born on 10-03-1843 in Scheveningen, daughter of Karel Jacobs Tuit and Maria Cornelisse Vrolijk. Jacoba died on 07-09-1918, aged 75.

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