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There also is available an Index for data on Geni / Geneanet which has more related persons (>100000). Most of them are managed by others however and I have no information about them.
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Reports and Charts
[K] Ancestor Report Jan Jacob (Job) Waterreus
   [KG] Ancestor Chart Jan Jacob (Job) Waterreus
   [P] Descendant Report Dirck Waterreus
   [P2] Descendant Report of Cloric (contains Emperor Charles the Great or Charlemagne) (Dutch version) Or the English version [P2e]
   [S] Descendant chart Jacob Snabbe
   [S2] Descendant chart Dirck Waterreus
   [S3] Descendant chart Willem van der Specke
   [S4] Descendant chart Karel de Grote
   [S5] Descendant chart Jan Jansz Knotter

At the bottom of each page there are links to a number of reports and charts (These contain links to family pages so you can use these to navigate to other pages as well)

For some families there are links to KG K P P2 and/or S S2 S3 S4 S5 - These link to the concerning family in the above mentioned reports or charts.
V1 to V18 may link to old relationship charts that are not availble anymore. Geni is a link to the corresponding data on Geni and Geneanet a link to the data on Geneanet

V1 Relationships between ancestors of Catharina Johanna Maria Waterreus
V2 Relationships between ancestors of Johannes Theodorus van der Lubbe
V3 Relationships between ancestors of Geertruid Adriaen Jan van Beurden
V4 Relationships between ancestors of Gerrit van Egmond
V5 Relationships between ancestors of Louis van der Kroft
V6 Relationships between ancestors of Johannes Angevaare
V7 Relationships between ancestors of Nicolaus | Nicolaas Oliehoek
V8 Relationships between ancestors of Lambertus Gerardus Waterreus
V9< Relationships between ancestors of Wilhelmus Ammerlaan
V10 Relationships between ancestors of Cornelia van der Drift
V11 Relationships between ancestors of Cornelia Johanna Waterreus
V12 Relationships between ancestors of Carolina Maria Waterreus
V14 Relationships between ancestors of Emmerentia van der Duijn
V15 Relationships between ancestors of Wilhelmina Nicolaasdr van der Voort
V16 Relationships between ancestors of Leendert de Vette
V17 Relationships between ancestors of Petrus Gerard Verschuuren
V18 Relationships between ancestors of Frans Adriaen Verbunt

Surnames in blue point to the index on Surnames - All family members can be found there (and from there it is possible to use Google to search for other sites with information on the concerning persons)
Whole name in blue links to other family page. rel/mar links to other relation or marriage of the person. (In the reports a whole name in blue links to een family with that person)

Many indexes will update data in other tabs or windows; when you click on a link and nothing seems to happen a previously opened tab or window may have been updated. When a new tab or window was opened, it may by necessary to click the link again to go to correct linked location. Most reports use frames. Use the link restore frames to show frames when necessary.

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