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Job Waterreus:Family pageon GeniAncestor report (Google translation)Ancestor report (Dutch version)
on GeneanetAncestor chart (based on Geni with Geni links)Ancestor Report (based on Geni with Geni links)
Cloderic:Family pageon GeniDescendant Report (English version)Descendant Report (Dutch version)
Charlemagne: (in Dutch: Karel de Grote)Family pageon GeniNew: Descendants Report (compact version)
Dirck Waterreus (First known Waterreus):Family pageon GeniDescendant Report (English version)Descendant Report (Dutch version)
Descendant Report (based on Geni with Geni links)Descendant Report (Dutch compact version)
Jan Jansz Knotter or Cnotter (First known Knoppert / Knotter / Cnotter):my family pageAncestor chart (Google translation)Ancestor chart (orginal Dutch version)
Gérard de Landen:Descendant chart (based on Geni and with Geni links)

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