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-- Yewijnsz -- Initials and partners
Joris [ - †BEF 1542] [p] Search
-- Young -- Initials and partners   Geni
Dorothy Ada [*1894 - †22 MAR 1923] [p] Search
-- Ypenburg -- Initials and partners   Geni
Jacob Hendriksz [ - †] [p] Search
-- Ypenburg | van IJpenburg -- Initials and partners
Pieternelletje Jacobsdr [*DEC 1700 - †21 AUG 1770] [p] [c] Search
-- Yperen -- Initials and partners
Teuntje van [*1889 - †] [p] Search

(*: born, ~: baptized, †: death, []: burried)